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PINKDORI 2017 Layouts Preview

September is coming and I think heart of every planner girl beats faster now. New calendars will be coming out soon!!!
And so do PINKDORI dated Calendars. 2017 is the first dated edition and there are diverse layouts and sizes waiting for you 🙂
DSC02630Starting Sep 1st, you can preorder your personal calendar in these layouts:

Week on 2 pages, this layout is made for smal formats. Book contains Mo2P pages too. Of course whole 2017 fits into one insert which is 8mm thick.
Week + Notes, again the book for 2017 contains Mo2P in A6 and in Regular Mo2P and monthly tracker pages.
Vertical Week, suitable for wider formats and great for listmaker 🙂
Book contains a monthly tracker and Mo2P and whole 2017 fits in.
KKKraftkreis Layout is based on a book from my husband. The book is for now available just in German, launching next week. You set weekly three main goals and work daily on reaching them. This is the layout I use last three months and will stick to it 2017.
Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker too 🙂
Horizontal Week, a great and very flexible layout. Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker in all sizes except FN, there are just Mo2P included.

Starting Sep. 1st you can preorder PINKDORI yearbooks in my shop on Etsy with 20% discount for early birds 🙂

If you can’t find your layout in your size please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Thanks for reading,

Navigation in One Book System

Hi all,
so today about practical things 😉
When you decide to use a one book system, you probably look out for a very thick one. And because our lives have different areas which need to be maintained, planned thought through, you need to find a navigation system in your book.

I do use diverse tools to help me find fast what I need.
Few pages on the beginning of my book are Index pages. I do recommend to create and maintain an index, it is really helpful 🙂 On the left side is index of washi tapes I use on the edges of my pages. This way I am able to find fast spreads which consider same theme.
There are also ‘temporary notes’ in my book, like weekly schedules, diverse running lists. Those are marked with an post-it tab. I move the tab as I move to the next page.
And since yesterday, there is one more orientation tool, which is also veeeery pretty:
Those tiny charms are made by Ulli Leiss from Nailygraphy and I love them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,


The PINKDORI Bullet Book

I was strugling to find a book for my Bullet Journal. Well, my expectations were not that big: nice smooth fountain pen friendly paper, many many pages and light grid/dot grid/whatever….
I have not found one. Either the paper is not good enough or the books do have some directions on pages etc which I just don’t want to have there or the books simply had a cover I did not like.
You can imagine what I did on the end, don’t you? Yes, I made the book myself, in Pink with paper I like and with a sort of french lines.


Gib eine Beschriftung ein

Because I made the book myself, I have decided to add an elastic and pocket folder for the small nececities every journaller needs. Inside the pocket folder sits my address book and it has two pen loops for my fav fountain pens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And because I do really like this Book/TN combo, I have decided to share it and add it into my shop. You can start to think about which paper you would like to have in your Bullet Book, if you want the additional elastic and what shall be on it etc. The Bullet book can be totally personalized as it is handmade. My version is made from Krafttex (so called Vegan Leather), but it also possible to create it from leather.
So time to close your eyes and start to assemble, you can order from May 1st-May 7th first 5 orders will get a starter price 50% off.

Thank you for reading,


New Member @ PINKDORI Family

Natascha from Nelografie was today at my place to make pictures of a newbie @ PINKDORI.
The Bullet Book is coming soon!!!

Have a nice day everyone, I will write more soon



Hello All,

Together with the PINKDORI logo which is created by my brother,

I made a new angel to go on the inside of every PINKDORI

The colors of the inside of each PINKDORI match with the outer Design, but there is always an angel 🙂

I hope you like it,


Setup 2016 REVISION

Hi all,
I was reviewing my goals after 2 Months of 2016 and I am not happy with me.
Truth is, I did a lot of work and fulfilled many orders, but I have not moved further personally.
My Planners happen to be one of my ‘time eaters’ (yes really)…
I have prepared a 2016 setup about which I thought it will be smart and functional. I am showing it in this video:
Dori with Love Channel- Setup 2016

It took me over 20 min daily just to maintain my planners, not spoken about fun time, decorating etc. Further on I lost focus on important things, because in my planner book was to much distraction.

Luckily one of my favorite customers asked me to create a cover and inserts in size of Hobonichi weeks. The size is appealing, I could not get it out of my head.

So I have created Spartan 🙂
Because he has beautiful scars on the outside, I have painted my face inside this time.
The Planner has 1000 Pages and weights 470g, which is great.
Leather is Vintage Leather from PEDORI Vienna, it is one of my most favorite leather sorts and I can paint on it easily.
It contains four inserts right now, but there will be one more.
I do have one insert for yoga and healthy living
one insert for my shop/art/ideas/goals, diary and a one year all in one book. I stopped to decorate my weekly planner. It is just about to do’s. When the day goas great, I add a star in the left part and when a task is completed, I just go over it with a marker.
I love vertical week, but this size is to small for it, so I am using my weekly spread as follows:
and you know what? This idea seems pretty genius to me 😀

Of course, I have pockets with necessary small things in my planner too.
I like this guy very much. He is handy and simple. When I will complete the setup of him, I will make a video for sure.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome week,

Custom Covers are back in Shop

Hi all, I have listed custom made goat leather covers back to shop.
They are a bit more expensive as before and that does have a simple reason.
I have calculated this:
DSC01569and because I have developed, on the end I was selling this:
Unbenannt-1I hope you can understand the difference 🙂

I would like to say a bit more about the covers, I was testing them for more than a year to know which paint is the sturdiest and how the planner ages.
The leather is thin but sturdy, you dot even have to oil it. This is how the spine elastic holes look like after 14 months of carrying 5inserts + 3 craftfolder in my planner.
DSC01909So in case you may like thin leather to wrap around your inserts,
check my shop out 😉
DSC01511Thank you for reading,