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Middle Sized Crisis

Hi everyone,
today it is not about planner, it is about me.

I used to work in front of camera whe I was young and now, in the second half of thirties I feel old. And I got really shocked when we made this picture:
it was like OMG I knew I am aging, but that much?!!!!

Recently we needed some photos for something and asked out Photographer friend Natascha Gretz, who ist over at NELOGRAFIEΒ to take photos.
I was so scared to see the pictures and so happy when she sent them over to me. I am not THAT old πŸ˜€

After this shooting I feel beautiful again, so in case you have same problem as I did, check out a professional photographer near by you and make an appointment. It is definitely worth it. πŸ™‚ I have promissed myself to make a photoshooting at least twice a year. This gives me energy and great over all feeling.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day,

PS: Natascha big thank you for the great job you have done :-)))))

Party Nails

Ok, it will be a calm party, I’m older person by now ;-)))
No, honestly, I prefere rather a calm New Years Eve Party and make the wilder things when I feel like doing them. To spend an evening between people who mean they have to get drunk because of the date is not my thing anymore. My last big party was the Millenium one. (god I am really old…)

To the nails, I have decided to make an Ombre with light color on the tip of nail and because no nude nail polish can cover black in one layer, I have started by making the first layer of Dior 804 Perfecto (Love Love Love this shade, if you like darks, check this one out) and adding Douglas Moonshine 29 on the tip.

In general I use Dior nail polishes, they hold the longest time on my nails. Up to 6 days in perfect condition. Of course I use base and top coat πŸ™‚
I made a second layer of black and then I took eye shadow sponge and dripped both polishes on it. Then I have dabbed with it over tips of my nails.
001c 001d

I think this way will your nails be less messy as with the make up sponge.
Recently I have found some tips on clean ombre, going to test them soon. But yesterday I needed perfect nails on the first try ;-)))

Thanks for reading and enjoy today’s party,