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Notebook as a success Tool

Since two months I am in a one book system. It gives me freedom and space to focus on my life, goals, things I want to achieve. I do not think of new inserts or other things, I know there are 480 Pages waiting for me to be filled with notes, ideas, plans. After 10 weeks a quarter of my book is filled, I am in one size smaller jeans and much clearer about what I want to do and where I want to go.
So it is time to share 🙂

As a first step, take a notebook or a piece of paper and write down what you wish in your life. Think big, forget about boarders, conventions, restrictions. Just dream it and write it down 🙂
When you are done with finding out what you want, start to gather images which are symbolizing your wishes. I do that as I go, so my own vision board is all the time in progress. Of course there is a small to go version of it in my Bullet Book, another one is my wallpaper on my cell phone and a big one is in my craft-room. It may be a lot, but it really helps me to search ways to achieve things.
Now is time to think about the small steps which help you to reach big things. I have created a spread for each of my goals like fit into jeans size 31, become an artist, create beautiful home. Here I write the tasks which are necessary to be done to come those goals closer. This is a sports page with a plank challenge and a plan for jogging.
And finally every week I do set three goals which concern my eating habits, fitness and art skills. And every week I do my best to achieve those goals. With my eating habits it took me several weeks to get better, but now I do check them off weekly.
DSC02585 I hope this could inspire you and help you on your way to your goals, I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for reading,

My new Mantra

Hello all,

I have found a great new quote which I’d like to share.


Repeat whenever you want to buy whatever you do not really need, or whenever you desire sweets and actually want to lose some weight 😀

I just love this quote,

Have nice weekend,


Setup 2016 REVISION

Hi all,
I was reviewing my goals after 2 Months of 2016 and I am not happy with me.
Truth is, I did a lot of work and fulfilled many orders, but I have not moved further personally.
My Planners happen to be one of my ‘time eaters’ (yes really)…
I have prepared a 2016 setup about which I thought it will be smart and functional. I am showing it in this video:
Dori with Love Channel- Setup 2016

It took me over 20 min daily just to maintain my planners, not spoken about fun time, decorating etc. Further on I lost focus on important things, because in my planner book was to much distraction.

Luckily one of my favorite customers asked me to create a cover and inserts in size of Hobonichi weeks. The size is appealing, I could not get it out of my head.

So I have created Spartan 🙂
Because he has beautiful scars on the outside, I have painted my face inside this time.
The Planner has 1000 Pages and weights 470g, which is great.
Leather is Vintage Leather from PEDORI Vienna, it is one of my most favorite leather sorts and I can paint on it easily.
It contains four inserts right now, but there will be one more.
I do have one insert for yoga and healthy living
one insert for my shop/art/ideas/goals, diary and a one year all in one book. I stopped to decorate my weekly planner. It is just about to do’s. When the day goas great, I add a star in the left part and when a task is completed, I just go over it with a marker.
I love vertical week, but this size is to small for it, so I am using my weekly spread as follows:
and you know what? This idea seems pretty genius to me 😀

Of course, I have pockets with necessary small things in my planner too.
I like this guy very much. He is handy and simple. When I will complete the setup of him, I will make a video for sure.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome week,

28 days Challenge- review

I am so sorry… The last week was chaotic at my land… Anyway, I owe you the whole last week of my challenge. I did not change a lot on my food style or fitness activities.
finish000This is me in the dress, without make-up and without styled hair. I am not going to show me styled, because we had a hairstylist-disaster-saturday…
So to the review: I have lost 3kg, but also 4cm around my stomach. I fit into jeans one size less. That is great.
I am going to keep my breakfast and also the exercises habits. I do slowly add to my crosstrainer distance and keep the speed of 12km/h.  When I will build enough muscles, I think I will loose my kg’s faster ;-)))
finish001I am very happy with the powerplate workout, the muscles do really build up and whole body is changing. If you are thinking of powerplate, I do really recommend it. The training is not cheap, but effective and worth the money. Same case is the crosstrainer, I was going to running belt in the past. Crosstrainer is much more effective. My training unit lasts 60min all together, I would like to extend it to 90min every second day.
All together I am happy and will share some nice food in the future.
Thanks for reading,

Days 20 & 21

WEIGHT: 74,1
Breakfast: yesterday I have tried a protein Müsli from Seitenbacher. It tastes so good and contains 30g protein in 100g. Yesterday I ate it with plums and today with banana. I have lost my photos, so this time just written…
021aLunch: Yesterday I cooked zucchini soup. It tastes much better than it looks. You take small zucchini, cut it into cubes, fry it together with bit of ginger and onion. Take the zucchini out of the pot, add water, vegetable stock and approx 70g red lentils. when the lentils are ready, mix them and add 200ml of coconut milk, lemon juice, curry. Add zucchini an warm up. Do not boil. Put a bit of parsley on top before serving. Enjoy 🙂
Today I ate cupito salad ASIA.
021bDinner: yesterday I took ham, smeared bit of horseradish over it and wrapped asparagus into it. Tasty 🙂 Today no dinner.

and that’s it,
thanx for reading,


Days 18 & 19

WEIGHT: 74,0kg (today)
EXERCISES: yesterday free and today 20min Powerplate, 2,5km Crosstrainer (11km/h), 2,5km Running belt (6km/h)
019aBreakfast: yesterday we were lucky to find perfectly ripe mangos. That was great breakfast. I took cinammon on place of cocoa powder. Today I had bluebrries 🙂
019bLunch: 019dYesterday I made mediterranean potatoes: you cut boiled potatoes into slices, fry them as dark as liked (coconut oil), add garlic, pepper and olives. For my husband I added tabasco and chilli pepper. Today after fitness we were shopping and ate sushi. After that we drunk coffee and I did not resist one small handmade almond Florentiner. Almonds do have a lot of protein too 😉

019cThose are my todays nails, I was experimenting with my fav Channel silver nailpolish. I gave it on the small sponge which you use for eyeshadows and used it to create silver tips. Love how that looks like 😉

Thank you for reading,

Day 17

WEIGHT: I refuse to step on my weight till my digestion starts to work.
EXERCISES: 20min Powerplate, 2km Crosstrainer, 2km Running belt
FOOD: Breakfast was ok, my mixture with raspberries and later, I thought if my digestion is lazy, I will mess a bit. So I ate a Beef’n Chees Burger at McDonalds. We will see what will happen tomorrow 😉

BTW: I have tried my dress today. Even when there is almost no difference on my weight, I was able to close the dress. I look a bit like sausage by now, but I will fight till the end 😉 I am taking my favourite weight loss cream to help. It is a Czech brand DERMACOL and it is just the one, which does really work. (at least from those I have tried. And I have tried many…) The lotion helps me to loose where I need it the most: hips.

that’s it for today,
thank you for reading and see you tomorrow with some pictures,