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PINKDORI 2017 Layouts Preview

September is coming and I think heart of every planner girl beats faster now. New calendars will be coming out soon!!!
And so do PINKDORIΒ dated Calendars. 2017 is the first dated edition and there are diverse layouts and sizes waiting for you πŸ™‚
DSC02630Starting Sep 1st, you can preorder your personal calendar in these layouts:

Week on 2 pages, this layout is made for smal formats. Book contains Mo2P pages too. Of course whole 2017 fits into one insert which is 8mm thick.
Week + Notes, again the book for 2017 contains Mo2P in A6 and in Regular Mo2P and monthly tracker pages.
Vertical Week, suitable for wider formats and great for listmaker πŸ™‚
Book contains a monthly tracker and Mo2P and whole 2017 fits in.
KKKraftkreis Layout is based on a book from my husband. The book is for now available just in German, launching next week. You set weekly three main goals and work daily on reaching them. This is the layout I use last three months and will stick to it 2017.
Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker too πŸ™‚
Horizontal Week, a great and very flexible layout. Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker in all sizes except FN, there are just Mo2P included.

Starting Sep. 1st you can preorder PINKDORI yearbooks in my shop on EtsyΒ with 20% discount for early birds πŸ™‚

If you can’t find your layout in your size please do not hesitate to send me a message.

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New Midori inserts

Hello everyone, time for advertising πŸ™‚

I made few new Midori inserts. They are availiable at my Etsy shop. And I like them all πŸ˜€
GL001My fav recycling technique, this time in my colors πŸ˜‰
Pl001And once in color.

Rec003 Rec003c

I have started to implement bookmarks into the notebooks. I love to use up the whole paper. This one sparkles beautifully. Sadly it is not possible to show it on pictures…

This two are my big favorites. If you know my YT videos you can guess why πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading,

New Items on Etsy

I have listed new Midori items on etsy. Each of them is original and unique.
Before you think, they are too expensive, I spend a whole evening on creating set of two. So my loan is pretty thin on the end πŸ˜‰ But I love to do them, so I do not care. I create them onstead of Art journal pages and while I create them I collect ideas for my workshop (comming soon πŸ™‚ CREATING MIDORI INSERTS.
This means: if you like some of them, get them, they are not going to be online forever πŸ™‚
Lined and plain notebook set.LC001LC001a

ChL001ChL001aGrid and lined notebook set.
it is possible to order custom made notebooks. JUST ASK πŸ™‚

Rec002Rec002aCover of this notebook is made from paper scraps. That adds texture and unique look.

Rec001Rec001aI just love this one, again one of the recycled notebooks.

LRc001LRc001aSomething I usually do not create- brown and gold… But I like how they came out.

ChC001ChC001aI do really like the inside of those notebooks. Created with sprays.

thanks for reading this advertisement, I hope you could get some inspiration.

Wishing nice day to everyone,