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PINKDORI 2017 Layouts Preview

September is coming and I think heart of every planner girl beats faster now. New calendars will be coming out soon!!!
And so do PINKDORIΒ dated Calendars. 2017 is the first dated edition and there are diverse layouts and sizes waiting for you πŸ™‚
DSC02630Starting Sep 1st, you can preorder your personal calendar in these layouts:

Week on 2 pages, this layout is made for smal formats. Book contains Mo2P pages too. Of course whole 2017 fits into one insert which is 8mm thick.
Week + Notes, again the book for 2017 contains Mo2P in A6 and in Regular Mo2P and monthly tracker pages.
Vertical Week, suitable for wider formats and great for listmaker πŸ™‚
Book contains a monthly tracker and Mo2P and whole 2017 fits in.
KKKraftkreis Layout is based on a book from my husband. The book is for now available just in German, launching next week. You set weekly three main goals and work daily on reaching them. This is the layout I use last three months and will stick to it 2017.
Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker too πŸ™‚
Horizontal Week, a great and very flexible layout. Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker in all sizes except FN, there are just Mo2P included.

Starting Sep. 1st you can preorder PINKDORI yearbooks in my shop on EtsyΒ with 20% discount for early birds πŸ™‚

If you can’t find your layout in your size please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Thanks for reading,


Hello All,

Together with the PINKDORI logo which is created by my brother,

I made a new angel to go on the inside of every PINKDORI

The colors of the inside of each PINKDORI match with the outer Design, but there is always an angel πŸ™‚

I hope you like it,


Introducing Narciss Option

Hello everyone,

I did not write since ages, but that is because I am working on my skills and developing different ideas. One of them is the new Narciss Option on Cow Leather PINKDORIS.

You can order now a PINKDORI with your face, like on my Narciss
Or you can ask me to create a Dori with Faces of your dearest, here is one I made from my friend Natascha over at Nelografie
DSC_2610Included in Narciss option is a watermark you can print into your inserts:
IMG_20150826_120416Interested? Check out my shop!

Together with Natascha we made a Fotoshooting of few Doris, including one, which I consider to be my best work till now.
You can check out the gallery on my Facebook Page.

DSC_2545And head over to Nelografie blog for daily dose of funny and colorfull pictures πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading,

Custom Covers are back in Shop

Hi all, I have listed custom made goat leather covers back to shop.
They are a bit more expensive as before and that does have a simple reason.
I have calculated this:
DSC01569and because I have developed, on the end I was selling this:
Unbenannt-1I hope you can understand the difference πŸ™‚

I would like to say a bit more about the covers, I was testing them for more than a year to know which paint is the sturdiest and how the planner ages.
The leather is thin but sturdy, you dot even have to oil it. This is how the spine elastic holes look like after 14 months of carrying 5inserts + 3 craftfolder in my planner.
DSC01909So in case you may like thin leather to wrap around your inserts,
check my shop out πŸ˜‰
DSC01511Thank you for reading,


New Improved Printables in my shop

Finally I am able to come to listing of my printables. Now they are separated into two design groups:
Unbenannt-1Pinkdori one is a handmade Printable in a artsy black/white/pink style. Of course you can print it black/white and it will match every planner. It is not possible to make big custom changes on those Printables. I am happy with their quality, so just the shop presentation changed, pdf is the same as it was.

Pinkdori two is other story… I did not like the quality of them, so I have improved them significantly πŸ™‚ Because they are computer made, they are detailed and can be transformed into other colors or custom changed.
Those of you who have purchased them from my shop will get an email with link to new printables ASAP.

webpicBIGEach of my daily/weekly planners contains a star for a good day. I am colorizing them with sparkly gel pens or sticker stars. It makes me happy to see the good days shine in my planner πŸ™‚

Wish you a shiny star on each of your days,


Finally, there comes life into my shop :-)

I have started to add finished items into my shop. Today there are 12, tomorrow will come more πŸ™‚

And the featured one for today?

DSC02070I do so like the pads from Rhodia, I just could not throw them away. And I think they would fit perfectly an brown MTN… Grab yours as long as I have them on stock πŸ˜‰

thanks for reading,



In my last MF on YouTube I have very badly explained my Marshmallow Project. So I would like to make corrections here πŸ™‚ The whole thing came on my mind, when I was listening a Ted Talk about working on big projects. The idea was not to see the whole project on your mind, because you get overwhelmed by the task. YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO EAT THE WHOLE BOWL OF MARSHMALLOWS AT ONCE. TAKE ONE AT A TIME…
My overwhelming project is to organize my craftroom properly. I use to think about all at once. To help me to see the smaller tasks, I wrote a to do list which does not say clean the room as it did till now. It names all the small tasks I want to create. And because I do own a small Etsy shop and my customers are on the first place, I have created a marshmallowy sticker for each task and when I have time, I go through the task and glue my pink shiny sticker on my daily page. That is the Marshmallow project in my Pinkdori πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading and have a nice day,


PS: There is a new YT video, today about DIY Art Journal for your ‘dori