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PINKDORI 2017 Layouts Preview

September is coming and I think heart of every planner girl beats faster now. New calendars will be coming out soon!!!
And so do PINKDORI dated Calendars. 2017 is the first dated edition and there are diverse layouts and sizes waiting for you 🙂
DSC02630Starting Sep 1st, you can preorder your personal calendar in these layouts:

Week on 2 pages, this layout is made for smal formats. Book contains Mo2P pages too. Of course whole 2017 fits into one insert which is 8mm thick.
Week + Notes, again the book for 2017 contains Mo2P in A6 and in Regular Mo2P and monthly tracker pages.
Vertical Week, suitable for wider formats and great for listmaker 🙂
Book contains a monthly tracker and Mo2P and whole 2017 fits in.
KKKraftkreis Layout is based on a book from my husband. The book is for now available just in German, launching next week. You set weekly three main goals and work daily on reaching them. This is the layout I use last three months and will stick to it 2017.
Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker too 🙂
Horizontal Week, a great and very flexible layout. Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker in all sizes except FN, there are just Mo2P included.

Starting Sep. 1st you can preorder PINKDORI yearbooks in my shop on Etsy with 20% discount for early birds 🙂

If you can’t find your layout in your size please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Thanks for reading,

Pinkdori- my version of Midori travellers notebook

Since half year I am crazy for MTN. When I have discovered this system, I was so sorry about the design of the original Midori… I would really love to buy the original, because the Midori idea is genious. But they are so masculine in design, they use black, brown, orange, blue… well. In few days I go to London to check the originals in real, am curious what I will buy…

Anyway, dissapointed about the design, I have decided to create extreme version of MTN- Pinkdori. All is pink in this planner. AND I LOVE IT.
000MaThis is a picture of my planner, when it was new. I have found just one sort of pink leather, it is soft, so I took two layers of it and have glued it together with PVA glue. This adds a bit more strenght and holds great.
6MaBut the color gets very fast dirty. I carry my planner always with me, use it outside and do not care that much. Everytime it gets dirty, I clean it and paint over it. This way the cover developes. Now I use my planner since 6 months.
006MbInside my cover is a stenciled angel.
Here is a free template for the mask I have used:
Niké- stencil by HUPPERTOVAcom


I make a great use of crafters pockets in my planner.
The original tutorial comes from PocketfullofVintage on youtube. You can watch it here.
I made my own pocket with magnetic dashboard, video here.
I decorate the pockets as I go, by now is the decoration of one of them finished, you can watch it here.

I carry three crafters pocekts in my planner. The middle one holds 3 inserts, the others do hold 1 insert each. I do use 9 inserts by now and exchange them depending on what I am up to. The system is really very flexible.

DSC01400This is my recipe insert, you can get this and other printables on etsy.
If you are interested to see more of my Pinkdori, watch my playlist on youtube.

Have a nice day everyone and thank you for reading,

NEW printables for your MTN


In my Etsy Shop are two new printables: bullet journal kit and recipe book.
I do so frequently see some very fresh vegetables and would buy it, but do not remember what else was in recipe… So now I carry the most important recipes in my Pinkdori with me… You can also create the notebook and use it just so 🙂
To find out how to put all together go to my YT channel.

btw, there is also a new DEAL in my shop- get the complete kit for making notebooks (grid paper, lined paper, underlay, bullet journal kit, index card) 25% cheaper as if you would buy the kits separate.

Have a nice day guys, Martina

New template for my Midori Pocket Insert

I have uploaded new video on YT. I was thinking about new pocket insert which includes magnetic dashboard. This is what I came up with.Pinkdori-pocket-insert-w-maI hope it can help you to tune your midoris, btw there is already a artsier version on my mind, so stay tuned,