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PINKDORI 2017 Layouts Preview

September is coming and I think heart of every planner girl beats faster now. New calendars will be coming out soon!!!
And so do PINKDORI dated Calendars. 2017 is the first dated edition and there are diverse layouts and sizes waiting for you 🙂
DSC02630Starting Sep 1st, you can preorder your personal calendar in these layouts:

Week on 2 pages, this layout is made for smal formats. Book contains Mo2P pages too. Of course whole 2017 fits into one insert which is 8mm thick.
Week + Notes, again the book for 2017 contains Mo2P in A6 and in Regular Mo2P and monthly tracker pages.
Vertical Week, suitable for wider formats and great for listmaker 🙂
Book contains a monthly tracker and Mo2P and whole 2017 fits in.
KKKraftkreis Layout is based on a book from my husband. The book is for now available just in German, launching next week. You set weekly three main goals and work daily on reaching them. This is the layout I use last three months and will stick to it 2017.
Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker too 🙂
Horizontal Week, a great and very flexible layout. Book contains Mo2P and monthly tracker in all sizes except FN, there are just Mo2P included.

Starting Sep. 1st you can preorder PINKDORI yearbooks in my shop on Etsy with 20% discount for early birds 🙂

If you can’t find your layout in your size please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Thanks for reading,

Notebook as a success Tool

Since two months I am in a one book system. It gives me freedom and space to focus on my life, goals, things I want to achieve. I do not think of new inserts or other things, I know there are 480 Pages waiting for me to be filled with notes, ideas, plans. After 10 weeks a quarter of my book is filled, I am in one size smaller jeans and much clearer about what I want to do and where I want to go.
So it is time to share 🙂

As a first step, take a notebook or a piece of paper and write down what you wish in your life. Think big, forget about boarders, conventions, restrictions. Just dream it and write it down 🙂
When you are done with finding out what you want, start to gather images which are symbolizing your wishes. I do that as I go, so my own vision board is all the time in progress. Of course there is a small to go version of it in my Bullet Book, another one is my wallpaper on my cell phone and a big one is in my craft-room. It may be a lot, but it really helps me to search ways to achieve things.
Now is time to think about the small steps which help you to reach big things. I have created a spread for each of my goals like fit into jeans size 31, become an artist, create beautiful home. Here I write the tasks which are necessary to be done to come those goals closer. This is a sports page with a plank challenge and a plan for jogging.
And finally every week I do set three goals which concern my eating habits, fitness and art skills. And every week I do my best to achieve those goals. With my eating habits it took me several weeks to get better, but now I do check them off weekly.
DSC02585 I hope this could inspire you and help you on your way to your goals, I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for reading,

One Book in One Day

Hello everyone,
yesterday I was sharing the process of creating a Bullet Book on Instagram. If you want to see them all together, here they are:

I was very happy to make this piece of work in one day, till now my fastest BB 🙂

And today as a treat, we made a fotoshooting with my very fav Photographer Natascha, she shared some pics of me in her today’s post. Check them out here 🙂

Have a nice day everyone,


New Member @ PINKDORI Family

Natascha from Nelografie was today at my place to make pictures of a newbie @ PINKDORI.
The Bullet Book is coming soon!!!

Have a nice day everyone, I will write more soon


GET READY custom orders are coming back soon!

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that on April 1st custom orders option will be  back in my shop.

But just for one week. I have decided to take  custom orders in every month 1st-7th. I hope that will be less stressful for me and I will be able to spend the other three weeks of month creating.

Happy Easter,


Setup 2016 REVISION

Hi all,
I was reviewing my goals after 2 Months of 2016 and I am not happy with me.
Truth is, I did a lot of work and fulfilled many orders, but I have not moved further personally.
My Planners happen to be one of my ‘time eaters’ (yes really)…
I have prepared a 2016 setup about which I thought it will be smart and functional. I am showing it in this video:
Dori with Love Channel- Setup 2016

It took me over 20 min daily just to maintain my planners, not spoken about fun time, decorating etc. Further on I lost focus on important things, because in my planner book was to much distraction.

Luckily one of my favorite customers asked me to create a cover and inserts in size of Hobonichi weeks. The size is appealing, I could not get it out of my head.

So I have created Spartan 🙂
Because he has beautiful scars on the outside, I have painted my face inside this time.
The Planner has 1000 Pages and weights 470g, which is great.
Leather is Vintage Leather from PEDORI Vienna, it is one of my most favorite leather sorts and I can paint on it easily.
It contains four inserts right now, but there will be one more.
I do have one insert for yoga and healthy living
one insert for my shop/art/ideas/goals, diary and a one year all in one book. I stopped to decorate my weekly planner. It is just about to do’s. When the day goas great, I add a star in the left part and when a task is completed, I just go over it with a marker.
I love vertical week, but this size is to small for it, so I am using my weekly spread as follows:
and you know what? This idea seems pretty genius to me 😀

Of course, I have pockets with necessary small things in my planner too.
I like this guy very much. He is handy and simple. When I will complete the setup of him, I will make a video for sure.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome week,

New Improved Printables in my shop

Finally I am able to come to listing of my printables. Now they are separated into two design groups:
Unbenannt-1Pinkdori one is a handmade Printable in a artsy black/white/pink style. Of course you can print it black/white and it will match every planner. It is not possible to make big custom changes on those Printables. I am happy with their quality, so just the shop presentation changed, pdf is the same as it was.

Pinkdori two is other story… I did not like the quality of them, so I have improved them significantly 🙂 Because they are computer made, they are detailed and can be transformed into other colors or custom changed.
Those of you who have purchased them from my shop will get an email with link to new printables ASAP.

webpicBIGEach of my daily/weekly planners contains a star for a good day. I am colorizing them with sparkly gel pens or sticker stars. It makes me happy to see the good days shine in my planner 🙂

Wish you a shiny star on each of your days,