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Notebook as a success Tool

Since two months I am in a one book system. It gives me freedom and space to focus on my life, goals, things I want to achieve. I do not think of new inserts or other things, I know there are 480 Pages waiting for me to be filled with notes, ideas, plans. After 10 weeks a quarter of my book is filled, I am in one size smaller jeans and much clearer about what I want to do and where I want to go.
So it is time to share 🙂

As a first step, take a notebook or a piece of paper and write down what you wish in your life. Think big, forget about boarders, conventions, restrictions. Just dream it and write it down 🙂
When you are done with finding out what you want, start to gather images which are symbolizing your wishes. I do that as I go, so my own vision board is all the time in progress. Of course there is a small to go version of it in my Bullet Book, another one is my wallpaper on my cell phone and a big one is in my craft-room. It may be a lot, but it really helps me to search ways to achieve things.
Now is time to think about the small steps which help you to reach big things. I have created a spread for each of my goals like fit into jeans size 31, become an artist, create beautiful home. Here I write the tasks which are necessary to be done to come those goals closer. This is a sports page with a plank challenge and a plan for jogging.
And finally every week I do set three goals which concern my eating habits, fitness and art skills. And every week I do my best to achieve those goals. With my eating habits it took me several weeks to get better, but now I do check them off weekly.
DSC02585 I hope this could inspire you and help you on your way to your goals, I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for reading,

OMG sooo long…

Hi all,
obviously I took an off time. I have spent my summer with working for my customers, but also I was trying to figure out where do I want to go.

How shall my life proceed? What do I want to achieve… It was a process.

Big help has been Terri Savelle Foy, who has a Youtube channel full of great videos.

I sat down, made different lists and figured few wishes which seem to be crucial for my next life. I did not try to think how to achieve those wishes. Just thought about the perfect future for me.

Step two, I have pinterested vision boards and decided to make my own. The vision board should visually remind me about my wishes. NOT FULFILL THEM, lol. The start of my process on creating it is here:

In Video I promise the map of vision board, you can download it herevison-mapWEB
And do you know what? This thing did not change me life, but it significantly changes me. Along with my vision board, I am daily reading my wishes loud (I know how crazy that sounds…) But I do it. And:

I have stopped procastinating, I really do follow the direction of my wishes and my brain got more open to ideas. I feel like my brain is searching ways to reach my wishes. This is probably the best way to describe the experience.

Honestly I feel like being on a crazy trip without leaving my craftroom.

So if you want to experience something simillar, sit down and write down your wishes 😉

Thanks for reading,