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The last gift from my catboy

Thirteen years ago my cat-boy Speedy was born.
He was a great friend, we had fun and of course sometimes he made me pretty mad. But mostly he knew how to make me smile. Even when he woke me up.

In February this year, he got ill. His back legs did not work anymore. We tried some medication, but it was actually lost fight… We cared for him as good as possible, but anyway he had problems to come somewhere, especially to the toilet. We did even install an easy access toilet, but I can tell you it was anyway so loud when he tried to get there.

And that was mostly around 5-6 a.m.. I was not morning person, but I knew he does his best and woke up to help him, to wash him etc.

And I have realized an interesting thing: when I wake up early I am more productive. Me, a night owl. But it is a fact I do more during the day, I feel much better.

We were forced to send Speedy to sleep on May 19th and I miss him daily.

But I am also grateful to him that he taught me to wake up. I am daily awaken at 6 a.m., go to run or do my yoga workout and start my day.

And every morning I say: ‘thank you Speedy’.

I hope that you, your family and your pets are all well and recommend you to give waking up early a try. It does make difference.

Thanks for reading,