Nelografies Projekt 366 – Tag 121

Hey how cool is this post :-)))))) Many thanks to Natascha for making pictures of my PINKDORIS.
And if you are in need for Photos with sparkling colors, I can just recommend

The PINKDORI Bullet Book

I was strugling to find a book for my Bullet Journal. Well, my expectations were not that big: nice smooth fountain pen friendly paper, many many pages and light grid/dot grid/whatever….
I have not found one. Either the paper is not good enough or the books do have some directions on pages etc which I just don’t want to have there or the books simply had a cover I did not like.
You can imagine what I did on the end, don’t you? Yes, I made the book myself, in Pink with paper I like and with a sort of french lines.


Gib eine Beschriftung ein

Because I made the book myself, I have decided to add an elastic and pocket folder for the small nececities every journaller needs. Inside the pocket folder sits my address book and it has two pen loops for my fav fountain pens.

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And because I do really like this Book/TN combo, I have decided to share it and add it into my shop. You can start to think about which paper you would like to have in your Bullet Book, if you want the additional elastic and what shall be on it etc. The Bullet book can be totally personalized as it is handmade. My version is made from Krafttex (so called Vegan Leather), but it also possible to create it from leather.
So time to close your eyes and start to assemble, you can order from May 1st-May 7th first 5 orders will get a starter price 50% off.

Thank you for reading,


New Member @ PINKDORI Family

Natascha from Nelografie was today at my place to make pictures of a newbie @ PINKDORI.
The Bullet Book is coming soon!!!

Have a nice day everyone, I will write more soon


My new Mantra

Hello all,

I have found a great new quote which I’d like to share.


Repeat whenever you want to buy whatever you do not really need, or whenever you desire sweets and actually want to lose some weight 😀

I just love this quote,

Have nice weekend,



Hello All,

Together with the PINKDORI logo which is created by my brother,

I made a new angel to go on the inside of every PINKDORI

The colors of the inside of each PINKDORI match with the outer Design, but there is always an angel 🙂

I hope you like it,


GET READY custom orders are coming back soon!

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that on April 1st custom orders option will be  back in my shop.

But just for one week. I have decided to take  custom orders in every month 1st-7th. I hope that will be less stressful for me and I will be able to spend the other three weeks of month creating.

Happy Easter,


What to do…

Hi everyone,
I have gone through tough weeks recently.
And I have learned something usefull again 😉
I am not a person who gets angry easily. You must be really mean to unfriend me, when you once had my heart. But also I do not forgive certain things.
So of course, there are few issues, which I have carried with me. And in the past weeks, when I really did not know if I can carry even more, I came across a quote:
So I have forgiven. Everything. I sat down, wrote it all on a piece of paper and thorn it into pieces.
And you know what? I am FREE. It is easier to carry the recent trouble now.

I needed 36 years and a lot of struggle to learn this lesson and hope it may help you.

Thanks for reading,