Middle Sized Crisis

Hi everyone,
today it is not about planner, it is about me.

I used to work in front of camera whe I was young and now, in the second half of thirties I feel old. And I got really shocked when we made this picture:
it was like OMG I knew I am aging, but that much?!!!!

Recently we needed some photos for something and asked out Photographer friend Natascha Gretz, who ist over at NELOGRAFIE to take photos.
I was so scared to see the pictures and so happy when she sent them over to me. I am not THAT old 😀

After this shooting I feel beautiful again, so in case you have same problem as I did, check out a professional photographer near by you and make an appointment. It is definitely worth it. 🙂 I have promissed myself to make a photoshooting at least twice a year. This gives me energy and great over all feeling.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day,

PS: Natascha big thank you for the great job you have done :-)))))

3 responses to “Middle Sized Crisis

  1. It was a pleasure and I have to thank you for your trust!

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  2. Martina, you don’t look old at all but your husband does LOL. Same for me and my mister!
    Love your blog and all the Doris.

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